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Bookly Booking Plugin – Responsive Appointment Booking and Scheduling | FOXY VINE DESIGN

Bookly Booking Plugin – Responsive Appointment Booking and Scheduling


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Automated online booking & scheduling for WordPress: fully customizable booking form with online payments, notifications, and Google Calendar sync.


  • Unlimited number of staff members, services, appointments, and customers.
  • Flexible scheduling: padding times, varying appointment duration (5 min – 24 h), holidays, days off, individual working schedules.
  • Fully customizable look & feel of the booking form, with no need for custom coding. Customize color scheme, interface copy, steps of booking process.
  • Compatible with translation plugins (incl. WPML) and has 50+ currency support built in.

1. Rich Scheduling Capabilities

  • Padding (buffer) times around appointments;
  • Varying appointment duration, with time slots automatically calculated to fit the most appointments in a day;
  • Configurable late cancellation and early booking limits;
  • Personal days off, pre-holiday short days (add-on), and limited availability of specific services; (add-on).
  • Sync with Google Calendar.

2. Services & Staff

  • Unlimited number of services, staff, appointments, and customers;
  • Services can be grouped into categories;
  • Each staff member can provide as many or as few services as you want;
  • Location of appointment for clients to choose from for each appointment (add-on);
  • Additional treatments/products to add to appointments during booking for an extra price (add-on).

3. Customizable Look & Feel of Booking Form

  • Custom color scheme;
  • Custom interface copy and default values in dropdown menus;
  • Optional progress bar, calendar view of time slots, captcha;
  • Removable fields for unused appointment properties;
  • Booking form can be added to multiple pages of one site or to multiple domains (add-on).

4. Pricing & Payment

  • Each service and, optionally, provided by each staff member can have a different cost;
  • Special prices for appointments booked for specific hours during the day (add-on);
  • Discount coupons for purchases;
  • Multiple secure online payment methods, incl. PayPal, Stripe, iDEAL, PayU etc.;
  • Accept bookings with partial payment add-on).

5. Multiple Appointments Booked Per Session

  • Back-to-back appointments booked for one visit: add-on #1, which lets clients choose number of identical back-to-back appointments; add-on #2 for compiling several services in cart and having them booked for one visit;
  • Standalone appointments booked for multiple visits;
  • Group appointments;
  • All appointments booked in one session treated as cart and paid for in bulk.

6. Transactional Emails & Text Messages

  • Multiple trigger events for automated notifications to be configured: new appointment created, appointment confirmed, appointment cancelled, upcoming appointment;
  • Custom subject and body of notifications, sender info, reply-to address.

7. Manage Activity Online

  • Sync appointments in real time with company and staff’s individual Google Calendars (works both ways);
  • Manage and edit appointments from admin area (WordPress dashboard);
  • Optionally allow staff members to manage appointments: edit, cancel, update customer info;
  • Import and export lists of customers, payments, and appointments;
  • Customer info automatically saved: appointment and payment history, personal info shared during booking (incl. answers to custom questions manually added to booking form by admin);
  • Give clients online access to bookings via dedicated bookings list on website (client login required), limited access to WordPress dashboard (client login required), or cancel appointment links in email notifications;
  • Manually approve appointments before confirming them to the client.

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